The words 'can you see me?' over an image of a teenage girl with makeup on in a grey shirt sits in the front seat of a white SUV while looking at the camera. A man with tattoos is driving the vehicle through a parking lot. There is another teenage girl visible in the back seat. An adult woman can be seen through the driver side window looking at them.

A Guide for Human Trafficking Survivors

It is important for you to know that the Toronto Police Service (TPS) is here to provide assistance and support. The TPS believes that everyone impacted by human trafficking and sexual exploitation should be treated with respect and dignity, fairness and honesty and in a professional and bias-free manner. Our duty is to bring an appropriate resolution to the case by conducting a professional and thorough investigation, while at the same time providing you with the necessary information and resources to assist you.

As someone impacted by human trafficking, you have taken an important step by accessing this guide and/or browsing through our website. Enclosed in this resource guide is information on human trafficking investigations, possible outcomes and the criminal court process.

If you do not want to make a report to the police, or you need time and support to make that decision, we have partnered with many other agencies that can help you during this difficult time. A list of these agencies and their contact information is located on this website.

Our goal is to identify, arrest and prosecute the person(s) responsible. At the same time, we support the choices that you as the survivor make with respect to the process that is best for you.

For the purposes of this website we use the term "survivor/victim". We recognize that people who have been subjected to human trafficking, sexual exploitation and/or sexual violence have the right to choose how they want to be identified.

Can You See Me?

A21 is a non-profit organization whose "Can You See Me?" videos aim to turn awareness into action by giving people enough knowledge to report tips to Police and National Hotlines when they suspect trafficking, so they can identify and help victims.

Click on the scenarios below to learn more and watch the videos. Sex trafficking, labour trafficking and online recruitment are depicted in the videos.

WARNING: The content of the following videos may be disturbing for some viewers.

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